Meet X-CUP™

Earth’s first truly recycled, recyclable single-serve pod.

Silgan Specialty X-Cup

     Mother Earth Approved.

     Coffee Lover Adored.

What if billions of single-serve cups could be recycled from 2022 forward?

Now they can!

Change your cup.
Preserve the future.


Meet X-CUP™, the planet-friendly answer to longer-lasting fresh grounds — 100% recyclable cups made with up to 25% recycled material. X-CUP outperforms thermoformed cups, protecting your best roasts by keeping the oxygen out and freshness locked in.

Start reaching untapped markets while keeping your current customers happy. Stay ahead with X-CUP, the future-ready single-serve capsule.

Nicer to the
daily grind—
and our planet.

If you’ve been holding out for a fully recyclable single-serve coffee cup, your answer has arrived.

Unite with the X-CUP ecosystem for the planet-friendly answer to fresher, longer-lasting ground coffee.

100% Recyclability.  That is  X-CUP’s cyclical mission

X-CUP is responsibly made from up to 25% PCR material, outperforming any thermoformed single-use cups. After use, the X-CUP infrastructure permits consumer-friendly recycling with an efficient bag return program, so each capsule goes to good use and re-use.

take lead

Wake up to X-CUP.

Aligns with your pod production. Seamlessly!

X-CUP fits right into your new or existing single-serve pod production. It’s fully mold compatible with most filling technologies. Want a private label X-CUP or another customized option? Silgan Specialty Packaging is well-equipped to provide scalable quantities whether you own or operate a startup, microroaster, or large facility.

Our packer partners are ready to serve. Wholesale or retail, X-CUP is ready to move.

Your gateway to sustainable growth.

a leader in packaging innovatioN.

Backed by proven coffee pod and cup manufacturing expertise. The X-CUP™ is the newest coffee pod technology from Silgan Specialty Packaging, an industry leader with 25 years of brand packaging success stories to share. Our single-serve custom cups can help you cut waste, improve operations, and delight consumers. Comfortably within budget.

Join the movement with Silgan Specialty Packaging, leader of single-serve eco-packaging

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change your CUP.

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